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Lifeline Copse 6 Point FIA Racing Harness



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Lifeline Copse 6 Point FIA Racing Harness 

Carrying the FIA 8853-2016 homologation standard, these high quality harnesses are designed and made in the UK at Lifeline's ISO 9001:2015 accredited factory. This ensures that the high quality and attention to detail seen on the rest of Lifeline's motorsport safety systems are carried over to every feature of the Lifeline Copse 6 Point Racing Harness.

State-of-the-Art Meets Extreme Attention to Detail

The state-of-the-art Lifeline Copse 6 Point Racing Harness features lightweight aluminum adjusters for quick and easy adjustment and release. With the added benefit of lap belt zip adjusters integrated into the lap belt tongue, these Lifeline Copse 6 Point Racing Harnesses are the perfect choice for endurance racing when changing from one driver to another, but they're also a fantastic choice for sprint races.

The Lifeline Copse 6 Point Racing Harness delivers extreme attention to detail such as high contrast pull down loops on both the lap and shoulder adjusters as well as the strategically placed Velcro for communication cables and/or hydration tubes. They also include both snap hook and bolt-in end fittings.

The unique and lightweight aluminum buckle mechanism on the Lifeline Copse 6 Point Racing Harness has been designed for easy, positive latching and the buckle has been manufactured from high quality aerospace grade materials, ensuring maximum confidence from the driver that the harness is correctly and safely latched in place.

Always Install Your Racing Harness at the Proper Angles

Lifeline racing harness installation at the proper angles for maximum safety

Lifeline Copse 6 Point Harness Details

  • Webbing: Full 2" material is used in all positions. Lifeline built the Copse harness using the latest technology and racing safety data.
  • Camlock: Lifeline uses a lightweight, oversized rotary lever system to make release easy with gloves on. Also, a great feature we noticed is the ability for the lever to go "over-center" and stay in an open position. We've all released a harness to have the lever go back to closed, still attached to one belt. Lifeline mitigates this issue with a great racer-input design.
  • Waist Adjusters: Seen on all high-end harness systems, the "Zip" enduro driver pull-down adjuster is spring loaded to always keep tension on the waist belts, no matter how much you move around in your chassis. What makes this an enduro driver favorite is that the adjuster clicks into the camlock. You can have a team with a 140-lbs. driver and a 240-lbs. driver, and the adjuster is always in the same position.
  • Chassis Fittings: To make installation easy and safe, Lifeline includes both bolt-in and snap-on end fittings. Lifeline uses a non-sewn/lock-bar system so using the enclosed harness ends or wrapping around the cage is easy.
  • Born of Quality: Built by artisans in the UK. Not just designed in the UK and built somewhere else, the Lifeline Copse harness is both designed and manufactured in the UK at Lifeline's ISO 9001:2015 accredited factory.

This harness is available in pull-down lap belt configuration.

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