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AiM Sports Karting Steering Angle Sensor Potentiometer

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AiM Karting Steering Angle Kit

AiM Kart Racing Steering Angle Sensor

Measure and log your kart driver's steering input with the AiM Steering Angle Sensor. Includes a rotary potentiometer with a male 4-pin 719-style connector, two toothed pulleys, one toothed belt, and one sensor mounting bracket.

The steering shaft pulley is designed to fit a 7/8"-diameter shaft. (Smaller shafts will need to add a bushing to fit the pulley.) This sensor is designed to measure up to five complete turns of the steering column. This sensor requires the addition of an Expansion Box or eBox when used with MyChron3 Extreme, MyChron4, and MyChron5 kart dash loggers.

If your steering column is larger than 7/8", consider using the AiM String Pot Steering Angle Sensor (Part No. AIM-MC-280) instead. The String Pot can work with any diameter steering shaft.

Call us with any questions you have about the incredible new MyChron5 2T from AiM Sports!