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Stilo ST5 GT Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2015

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Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Carbon SA2015 Helmet 

Size Note: We have found that customers who typically wear a size 59 helmet are most comfortable in size 60, which uses the large shell. Please order accordingly.

The Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Carbon is Stilo's next-generation addition to their product line. With an autoclave molded carbon fiber shell, the ST5 GT Carbon offers strength superior to fiberglass and composites, while minimizing weight.

With a larger eyeport than that of its predecessor, the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Carbon offers a better view of the track. Each visor has a center pinch-clip to make opening and closing easy, even while wearing nomex racing gloves.

Of course, the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Carbon carries both a Snell SA2015 certification as well as FIA 8858-2015 homologation. This makes the helmet legal for nearly all road race usage, with the exception of those sanctioning bodies requiring FIA 8860 homologation.

The Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Carbon can be outfitted with integrated electronics, forced air, helmet eject system, and a hydration system for those racers who like to stay hydrated on the track (particularly useful for endurance racing). Thanks to the innovative design which incorporates mounting and routing for these options at the time of manufacture, integration is sleek and seamless with nothing protruding from the helmet, hanging down or otherwise getting in the way. When not in use, you don't even know the features are there.

Finally, receptacles are molded into the helmet shell to accommodate the anchors for whichever head-and-neck restraint you prefer to use.

  • Includes noise attenuating earmuffs to reduce exterior noise and maximize effectiveness of communications with your crew.
  • Select communications, forced air, hydration or eject options now, or add them later

For the composite version of this helmet, see the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Composite Helmet.

For the "naked" version of this helmet (no side ports), see the Stilo Helmets ST5 N Carbon Helmet.

For the FIA 8860-2018 version of this helmet, see the Stilo Helmets ST5 GT Zero 8860-2018 Carbon Helmet.

An effective helmet is one that fits properly. Have an assistant use a measuring tape, or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head starting at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows in front, around a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement, and finally wrapping back to the front. It is a good idea to take several measurements, and order your helmet based on the largest of those measurements.

This helmet will ship to you with signature required for delivery.

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