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Sabelt Gloves Hero TG-11 Gekotech


Get ready to slip your hands into the future of racing gear with the Geckotech TG-11 Racing Gloves. These aren't just gloves; they're your new secret weapon on the track.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fireproof Like a Dragon's Hide: Crafted to meet the rigorous FIA8856-2018 standards, these gloves are as fireproof as it gets. You might not breathe fire, but your hands will definitely survive the heat of the race.

  • Grip Like a Gecko: Thanks to the silicon-infused palm, your grip on the steering wheel will be unshakable. It's like having gecko superpowers at your fingertips!

  • Ironclad Durability: With a strengthened internal palm, these gloves are tougher than a two-dollar steak. They're built to last, race after race.

  • Comfort Fit for a King: The updated fitting isn't just comfortable; it's like a gentle hug for your hands. Say goodbye to the days of awkward, bulky racing gloves.

  • Sleek as a Race Car: The streamlined design isn't just for looks (though they do look pretty slick). It's all about aerodynamic efficiency, because every detail counts in a race.

  • Customizable for Your Unique Style: Available in sizes 8–12, these gloves are ready to match your unique flair.


  • Sizes: 8-12
  • Colors: [Insert Available Colors]
  • SKU: RFTG11
  • Categories: FIA 8856-2018, Gloves, Racewear


  • Q: How do I choose the right size? A: Check out our handy sizing chart. Remember, snug but not tight is the way to go!

  • Q: Can I wash these gloves? A: Absolutely! Just follow the care instructions, and they'll be fresh and ready for your next race.

  • Q: Are these gloves suitable for all types of racing? A: You bet! Whether you're into drag racing, circuit racing, or just tearing up the track day, these gloves are your perfect companion.

Ready to feel the difference? To experience that perfect blend of safety, comfort, and performance? Click "Add to Cart" now and transform your racing experience with the Geckotech TG-11 Racing Gloves. Your hands will thank you, and your rivals will envy you. Let's burn some rubber! 

Sabelt Glove Size Chart

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