Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes (Discontinued) 70% OFF 1 "a"

$59.97 $199.95 -71% OFF



Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes (Discontinued) 70% OFF

$59.97 $199.95 -71% OFF




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Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes 

The Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes are entry-level racing shoes.  Colorful elements and design features from Alpinestars’ top-level pro shoes are now on the Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes, resulting in an affordable, stylish shoe that performs like a professional racing shoe.

Alpinestars SP Racing Shoes are FIA and SFI homologated, featuring Alpinestars’ innovative asymmetric lacing to provide better support and fit. The ultra-thin, Formula 1 specification sole with a special line-textured grip and improved pedal feel are accented by laser-cut perforations for breathability.


  • Complies with FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3 homologation standards.
  • Premium suede main upper provides durability, comfort, and fit.
  • Full tongue upper, lateral and medial are constructed from perforated leather to give you enhanced breathability and optimized ventilation.
  • Lightweight, comfortable Nitrile rubber collar padding
  • Asymmetric toe design and traditional lacing plus hidden loops closure system provide supportive, precise, and custom fit.
  • Para-aramidic fiber tubular lining construction for excellent heat-resistance, weight savings and strength.


  • FIA /Alpinestars homologation label on the tongue made from fireproof PU film transfer.
  • Developed in Formula 1, the refined shoe profile offers optimized levels of performance.
  • Alpinestars exclusive ultra-thin Formula 1 specification sole uses Alpinestars exclusive lightweight rubber compound with special line textured grip and improved pedal feel in race.
  • Lightweight micro-porous padding around the heel and insole enhances comfort.
  • Alpinestars foot counter features multi-compound construction and ergonomic polypropylene heel counter, which provides support, protection and stability plus integrated PU fireproof heel for comfort.

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