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Girodisc Corvette Z06 w/Z07 CCM Rotor & Pad Replacement Kit

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A2-145 Girodisc 2pc Rear Brake Rotors (C7 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 CCM)
A1-145 Girodisc 2pc Front Brake Rotors (C7 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 CCM)
Raybestos ST43 Front Brake Pads for C7 Z07 with Girodisc Rotor Conversion
Raybestos ST43 Rear Brake Pads for C7 Z07 with Girodisc Rotor Conversion

Our most popular C7 Z07 brake upgrade products all in one kit to make your swap from Chevy's carbon-ceramic brakes to Girodisc's awesome two-piece floating iron rotors easy.  Upgrading your brakes with these lightweight, high-performance replacements is an excellent solution to the expensive, fragile ceramic brakes on the C7 Corvette Z06 w/ Z07 package.

The central hat section of the rotor is made in the US from 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum. The disc is American cast iron made to the same specs used by professional racing organizations. The curved-vane design was developed in racing as a centrifugal pump to force cooling air through the disc.  

The two-piece Girodisc design allows for replacement of cast iron disc only to minimize future costs and deliver outstanding performance.

These Raybestos ST-43 pads, designed specifically for Girodisc's C7 Z07 rotors, have become Corvette customer favorites. A moderately aggressive pad that's very easy on the rotors, they have slightly lower overall friction and initial bite than the most aggressive race compounds but higher than most endurance pads. The payoff is lower running temps, increased rotor and pad life, and great streetability for dual-purpose road/track cars. These pads are absolutely ideal for track-day enthusiasts.

Raybestos considers these an intermediate race pad, but when you consider the compound was developed for NASCAR (i.e., heavy, high-horsepower cars with lots of tire and downforce), "intermediate" means "full-boogie" in a 650 hp amateur-driven sports car. They've been tested by countless customers and given a universal thumbs up for overall performance, longevity, and satisfaction.

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