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Driven "GO" Synthetic 75W-85 Racing Gear Oil 1 Quart

Driven Racing Oil

Competition Proven To Deliver Performance and Protection

BULK PRICING: Buy 3 to 5, save $.50/qt; buy 6+, save $1/qt!


Driven Synthetic Racing Gear Oils are used in every rear differential by Joe Gibbs Racing and many other top race teams. The pursuit of increased power output and durability does not stop at the flywheel. The engineering staff at Joe Gibbs Racing looks for every possible advantage, and Driven Synthetic Racing Gear Oils deliver measurable performance gains in manual transmissions, rear end differentials, and power steering systems. These unique synthetic formulas have measured benefits with recorded temperature reductions of up to 15 degrees F compared to other brand gear oils. 


  • Lowers Operating Temperatures
  • Reduces Friction For Max Power
  • High Shear Race Protection
  • No Drag Increase or Horsepower Reduction
  • Extended Change Internals


SAE 75W-85

This 75W-85 synthetic gear oil provides race proven durability and dyno proven power gains from reduced friction and parasitic drag. It can be used in quick change style rear ends and drag race applications. Viscosity typcial of 75W-85. Formerly referred to as Super Speedway Gear Oil.



Synthetic: Yes
Gear Lube Volume (qt.): 1
Limited Slip Additive: No
Oil Weight: 75W85
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