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DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner for N20/N26 and N55 Engines (BMW ‘F’ Series)

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DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner for N20/N26 and N55 Engines (BMW ‘F’ Series)

Expected release date is Jun 15th 2018

DINANTRONICS Sport is the boost controller for the masses. Its simple design and execution allow for easy installation/removal in a blink of an eye, and it yields results you will can really feel right from the get-go! With Bluetooth capabilities right out of the box, it has user-controlled adjustability and a live boost monitor to keep track of the action. It is a value proposition that is unequaled in the marketplace.

DINANTRONICS Sport plugs into a single sensor for a very quick and and discrete installation or removal. Not only does this connection method offer a simplified install, it also effectively works alongside the factory DME to re-map boost, fueling, and timing for optimal performance and safety. Once installed, DINANTRONICS Sport has connectivity to various smartphone devices courtesy of its built-in Bluetooth Smart System. From the free app, you can reduce boost for valet duties, crank up the boost all the way to the "Race" setting, or anywhere in between. Regardless of the setting there is a power level for everyone. The App also has a live boost monitor which streams boost data in real time to your phone very similar appearance to the sport gauges on BMW's iDrive. Not only will you be able to feel the difference; now you can see it as well!

Perhaps best of all, the unit automatically detects which engine it's installed on and loads the appropriate mapping, effectively making a single unit compatible with an extremely wide range of applications. That makes switching to a new vehicle, sharing with another driver, or selling the unit a breeze.

Benefits of the DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner for BMW N20/N26 & N55 Engines (F Series ONLY):

  • Up to +30 HP and +50 lb-ft (N20); up to +30 HP and +40 lb-ft (N55)
  • Bluetooth smart (Android and iOS compatible)
  • Live boost monitor
  • Multiple power settings to choose from (Sport, Sport+, and Race)
  • Valet / parental control modes (-3 PSI)
  • Quick, easy, and discrete installation
  • Automatically detects engine type and loads appropriate mapping
  • CARB EO submitted and approval is pending
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee
  • One year product warranty (does not include consequential damages or labor costs)


EMISSIONS: CARB EO submitted and approval is pending.
WARRANTY: DINANTRONICS Sport does not carry the factory matching warranty that Dinan is known for. DINANTRONICS Sport's warranty is a one year product-only warranty that does not cover consequential damages or labor reimbursement.
  • 228i & xDrive F22 Coupe 2014-2016
  • 228i & xDrive F23 Convertible 2015-2016
  • 328i & xDrive F30 Sedan 2012-2016
  • 328i xDrive F31 Wagon 2014-2016
  • 328i xDrive F34 GT 2014-2016
  • 428i & xDrive F32 Coupe 2014-2016
  • 428i & xDrive F33 Convertible 2014-2016
  • 428i & xDrive F36 Gran Coupe 2014-2016
  • 528i & xDrive F10 Sedan 2011-2016
  • X1 xDrive28i E84 2012-2015
  • X1 sDrive28i E84 2013-2015
  • X3 sDrive28i F25 2014-2017
  • X3 xDrive28i F25 2013-2017
  • X4 xDrive28i F26 2015-2017
  • Z4 sDrive28i E89 Roadster 2012-2016
  • M235i & xDrive F22 Coupe 2014-2016
  • M235i & xDrive F23 Convertible 2015-2016
  • 335i & xDrive F30 Sedan 2012-2015
  • 335i xDrive F34 GT 2014-2016
  • 435i & xDrive F32 Coupe 2014-2016
  • 435i & xDrive F33 Convertible 2014-2016
  • 435i & xDrive F36 Gran Coupe 2014-2016
  • 535i & xDrive F10 Sedan 2011-2016
  • 535i & xDrive F07 GT 2010-2017
  • 640i & xDrive F13 Coupe 2012-2017
  • 640i & xDrive F12 Convertible 2012-2017
  • 640i & xDrive F06 Gran Coupe 2012-2017
  • 740i & Li F01/F02 Sedan 2013-2015
  • X3 xDrive35i F25 2011-2017
  • X4 xDrive35i F26 2015-2016
  • X5 xDrive35i F15 2014-2017
  • X5 sDrive35i F15 2014-2017
  • X6 xDrive35i F16 2015-2017
  • X6 sDrive35i F16 2015-2017
  • 320i & xDrive F30 Sedan 2013-2017
  • M2 F87 Coupe 2016-2017
  • X4 M40i F26 2016-2017
This item is worth 1 point towards your Dinan Badge.
Special Note: DINANTRONICS Sport is set to the "Sport +" setting out of the box. This can be adjusted via the bluetooth app.
Not compatible with the 2010-11 F07 & F10 535i.
DINANTRONICS Sport Maximum Gains (N20): 30 HP, 50 lb-ft of torque.
DINANTRONICS Sport Maximum Gains (N55): 30 HP, 40 lb-ft of torque.
Labor Hours/Installation Hours 15 minutes
Emission Status CARB EO submitted and approval is pending.
Max HP Gain Up to 30 HP
Max Torque Gain Up to 50 lb-ft
Included Notes DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner