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Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System

As low as $1,412.00

Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System

The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System can be used with any Coolshirt cooling garment. It effectively sends temperature-controlled cooling water through the garment along with blower-enhanced, cooled, HEPA-4 filtered air to your helmet. The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System can be used with Coolshirt products like the CoolWater Shirt or 2Cool Water FR SFI 3.3 Shirt.

The Coolshirt Pro Air & Water System provides 300 watts (1,023 BTU) of continuous cooling per hour. Its 235 CFM blower and 13- or 19-quart cooler unit (with internal pump) deliver temperature-controlled cool water to your Coolshirt and chilled air to your helmet. You can independently regulate the temperature and flow of air and water with the included FC-2 Dual Temperature Control Switch, fine-tuning the temperature to your ideal comfort level. Twelve feet of double-insulated water hose, complete with quick disconnects and an automatic shutoff, attach the shirt to the unit.

Emergency pull releases are standard on all water hose connections, so if you have to exit the vehicle in a hurry your Coolshirt will automatically unplug from your cooler.


  • 13-quart: 6 lbs, 14" x 11" x 9.5"
  • 19-quart: 7 lbs, 15.5" x 13" x 10.5"
Coolshirt garment sold separately
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