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Ferrari 458 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

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C3 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser F458



Replace the heavy fiberglass diffuser on the rear on your Ferrari F458 with a lightweight, beautifully crafted Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser from C3. The hefty, drably painted OEM diffuser belies the Formula 1 roots of the 458, adding unnecessary weight aft of the rear axle. Ferrari offers a carbon replacement for $9,600! C3 makes an autoclaved, pre-impregnated 3k dry carbon fiber replacement for a reasonable price with no compromise in quality, fitment or finish. C3 has perfectly matched the OEM Ferrari 1x1 carbon fiber weave; both functional and beautiful, this is an essential upgrade for any 458 owner.

A common complaint among 458 owners about the factory diffuser, which breaks easily, is that it's easy to break in daily driving. The C3 Carbon Fiber diffuser, by comparison, is far more robust. However, should any of the diffuser fins on our piece get scuffed or chipped, they can be easily replaced individually!



  • Autoclaved pre-preg 3k dry carbon fiber 1x1 weave that matches any OEM Ferrari carbon fiber
  • Weighs 67% less than the original Ferrari piece (over 10 lbs. lighter) 
  • Clear-coated with automotive urethane, hand polished to a mirror finish
  • OEM-perfect fit with ground clearance equal to the original factory diffuser
  • Installs easily in minutes with no modification to your 458
  • Digitally 3D laser scanned for guaranteed fitment
  • Autoclave formed in billet aluminum molds at more than 100 psi and 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • USA Seller - Fedex delivery in 1-4 days to anywhere in the USA
  • In stock for immediate shipping. Don't wait for weeks or months from other sellers. We have more than a MILLION dollars of inventory in stock for shipping!!!