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Arai Helmets


Arai Helmets are the pinnacle of quality, safety, craftsmanship, and value. Arai is an innovator dedicated to advanced safety and light weight. There are more expensive helmets, but the only helmet equal to an Arai is another Arai.

  • Arai GP-6RC Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2015


    Arai GP-6RC Carbon Fiber Helmet SA2015

    ARAI GP-6RC GP-6RC FIT INTERMEDIATE OVAL Interior shape designed to match the contours and proportions of the human head more closely. The careful balance between front-to-back and side-to-side dimensions results in a shape that fits more people more...

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  • Arai GP-6PED Helmet SA2015


    Arai GP-6PED Helmet SA2015

    ARAI GP-6PED Simply put, it is hard to imagine a better racing helmet. Arai combined their proprietary, groundbreaking PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction, the same shell shape as the F1 grid GP-6RC model, a wider eye port...

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  • Arai GP-6S Helmet SA2015


    Arai GP-6S Helmet SA2015

    ARAI GP-6S The GP-6S is designed with the sport driver in mind (hence the "S" designation). It uses the same shell shape as the GP-6 (PED) and state-of-the-art GP-6RC, along with the same wider eye port for increased peripheral vision. The single...

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  • Arai GP-5W Helmet SA2015


    Arai GP-5W Helmet SA2015

    ARAI GP-5W THE FAVORITE OF STOCK CAR, SEDAN, AND RALLY DRIVERS: The GP-5W is favored by stock car, sedan, and rally drivers because of its wider, 90mm (approx. 3.5") eye port. With the larger eye port opening, the GP-5W uses its own exclusive shield...

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  • Arai SK-6 Adult Karting Helmet SA2015


    Arai SK-6 Adult Karting Helmet SA2015

    ARAI SK-6: The Ultimate Adult Karting Helmet Being the dominant helmet on the F1 grid, winning an IRL Championship, and protecting the heads of NASCAR heroes like Gordon, Burton, and Montoya has put Arai on the receiving end of an abundance of...

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  • Arai CK-6 Youth Karting Helmet


    Arai CK-6 Youth Karting Helmet

    ARAI CK-6: The Ultimate Youth Karting Helmet The Arai CK-6 is designed specifically for junior kart racers who are too small to comfortably fit and/or support the weight of an adult model SK-6 karting helmet. Meets the SNELL/FIA CMR standard for junior...

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