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Dinan BMW 435i (F36) Base & xDrive P2 Power Package

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Dinan BMW 435i (F36) Base & xDrive P2 Power Package

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A Dinan-tuned BMW is truly a unique vehicle. The Dinan deck lid badge tells the world that your BMW delivers the highest level of performance and quality.

Dinan P2 power package takes the concept of performance and exclusivity to an even higher level, offering specially configured performance packages that focus on horsepower and torque improvement. Depending upon the specific model, as many as four Dinan signature vehicle systems are available, each providing increased levels of sophistication and performance.

In addition to performance, you will also enjoy the exclusivity of owning a registered Dinan signature vehicle. 

Because of Dinan's reputation for creating performance without sacrifice, the factory matching 4 year 50K mile warranty, Dinan signature and power packaged cars have the highest resale value of any tuner for of BMW's. This means that you can rest assured that you are covered, year to year, mile to mile, and from bumper to bumper.

While products can be purchased separately, our products are typically configured into matched systems to further optimize available performance gains. Whether your interest is in simple performance modifications or owning a one of a kind complete Dinan vehicle, we will do our best to accommodate your performance needs.

Labor Hours/Installation Hours 8.5
Max HP Gain 99 @ 5000 RPM
Max Torque Gain 104 @ 5000 RPM
Peak Horsepower 395 @ 5500 RPM
Peak Torque 417 @ 3000 RPM
Peak HP Gain 80 @ 5500 RPM
Peak Torque Gain 87 @ 3000 RPM
BMW Factory Rated HP 300 (315 Measured)
BMW Factory Rated Torque 300 (330 Measured)

Dinan F36 P2 Power Package:

DINANTRONICS Stage 3 Software 

DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 3 for BMW F36 435i (w/ MPPK). Stage 3 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner in conjunction with Dinan® Intake, Exhaust & Intercooler) Maximum Power: 399 HP, 455 lbs-ft.


DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 3 for BMW F36 435i. Stage 3 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner in conjunction with Dinan Intake, Exhaust & Intercooler) Maximum Power: 395 HP, 417 lb-ft.

Dinan F36 Exhaust


Dinan Free Flow Stainless Exhaust (Black or Chrome Tips) for BMW F33 F36 435i. Dinan engineers designed the F36 BMW 435i exhaust to improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output.

Dinan F36 Carbon Fiber Intake

Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake for BMW F36 435i. Efficiency and maximizing the potential of the stock intake design were the keys to development for the F36 intake.


Dinan F36 Dual-Core Intercooler

Dinan High Performance Dual Core Intercooler for BMW F36 435i. Greater power gains are achieved with a larger high performance intercooler. The Dinan dual core intercooler provides a 240% increase in surface area!